Zorabots Checking Temperatures and Masks at Belgium Hospital

In the fight against COVID-19, hospitals around the globe are looking for ways to be more efficient and also lessen the strain on overstretched medical staff. One in Belgium is turning to robots to help assess new patients. 

The University Hospital Antwerp is rolling out some impressive robots to help relieve medical staff and communicate with patients. The robots, who speak more than 53 languages, can detect fevers and determine if people are properly wearing face masks.

When people arrive at the hospital, they will answer questions at a kiosk or online which will generate a QR code. The robot will then scan the code, review their answers, examine masks, and assess temperature.

Belgium COVID Robot Antwerp Zorabots - YellRobot
credit: Reuters

Belgium Hospital Robots Come From Zorabots

The robots come from Belgium based Zorabots and have been seen in places like hospitals, hotels, and nursing homes since 2013. With the COVID-19 pandemic, they have found a new role. The robot is designed for repetitive work which frees up medical staff for more personal tasks. Thanks to machine learning, the robot can gain new skills as it gains experience. 

“The big advantage of this robot relative to a fixed terminal is that the robot can move, can go towards people, can speak to people and speak in their native tongue. It speaks more than 53 languages,” said Fabrice Goffin, chief executive of Zorabots.

As far as costs go, each robot costs about $33,357. Along with Belgium, they have been working in countries such as France, the Netherlands, the United States and Rwanda.

source: Reuters

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