Zafira Robots Checking For Masks and Dispensing Sanitizer in India

In the Indian State of Tamil Nadu, COVID-19 cases have reached almost 40,0000 with 118 deaths. Many businesses are trying to stay open and at the same time keep everyone safe. One chain is turning to robots.

Meet Zafira. She comes from robotics company Zafi Robots. The robot has been deployed to textile stores in Tamil Nadu’s city of Tiruchirappalli to help keep customers and employees safe from COVID-19. 

Zafira Robot Tamil Nadu Tiruchirappalli - YellRobot
credit: ANI

Zafira Checks Temperature and Dispenses Sanitizer

When a customer enters the store, Zafira checks temperature, makes sure they are wearing a mask, and dispenses hand sanitizer. The voice-activated robot also keeps track of the number of people entering the store to prevent overcrowding. To keep things light and help model the store’s clothes, Zafira can be dressed in a number of outfits.

“We’ve developed robots ever since Covid-19 broke out and lockdown was imposed, to help frontline workers. The robot has a complete intelligence system. It can also track number of people entering store at a time and send details to owners via email, daily,” said Aashik Rahman, CEO, Zafi Robots.

According to Zafi Robots, they are focusing on mass production as they have received orders in bulk from various showrooms in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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