XRobotics Pizza Making Robot Can Make 150 Pies an Hour

We’ve seen quite a few companies take a shot at making a pizza-making robot. Seattle based Picnic uses a conveyor like a model while Santa Monica’s Piestro offers a fully integrated and automated pizzeria. Now a brand new startup is jumping into the pizza-making robot race.

Meet recently launched XRobotics. The San Francisco-based startup is looking to get their new pizza making robot named xPizza One into restuarants around the world.

Looking for like a 3D Printer than robot, xPizza One is designed to replace traditional pizza lines. An employee simply adds the dough, uses a tablet to pick the toppings, and the machine takes it from there. A mechanical spinning tray ensures an equal distribution of sauce, cheese and toppings every time.

XRobotic’s xPizza One Can Make 150 Pizzas Per Hour

XRobotic’s pizza making robot can make up to 150 pizzas per hour. The systems adjusts the production speed based on the sequence of orders. Mini-robots works in sync with the main machine to follow customer’s recipe precisely. xPizza One can support up to 23 different toppings and three different pizza sizes (10″, 12″, 14”). It takes up about the same amount of kitchen space as a normal pizza line.

The best part about the robot is that it’s pretty easy to maintain. Parts are easily swappable for quick maintenance and cleaning only takes around 15 minutes.

According to the company, they have already received 400 pre-orders with plans to deploy the xPizza One to 50 locations next year.