World’s Largest Virtual Hospital to Open in Poland

In a partnership with Poland’s Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, medical tech firm InventionMed will be building the “world’s largest” VR Hospital in Bydgoszcz.

The five-story, 3,000 sq/m facility will focus on training medical professionals in aesthetic and clinical dermatology. It will allow physicians, cosmetologists, and students an opportunity to gain experience in virtual reality before coming into contact with live patients.


InventionMed specializes in virtual and augmented simulators to help train medical professionals. Their TutorDerm project uses VR to give users a chance to practice dermatological procedures for all types of skin ailments. The software is still in the testing phase but the company plans for a commercial release in 2020.

“A physician’s work is costly and requires time for practical preparation, but the use of a simulator eliminates the issue of a lack of patients who would agree to participate in tests or to serve as learning subjects in various types of procedures,” said the company’s website.

Virtual Hospital Bydgoszcz Poland InventionMed - YellRobot
credit: InventionMed

Virtual Hospital Will Allow Practice and Experimentation

Along with dermatology, the new virtual reality center will also simulate other areas of medicine including cardiology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, anatomy, and neurological rehabilitation. In addition to training, the virtual hospital will allow medical professionals to experiment with new solutions and techniques before applying them in the real world.

The development of the virtual hospital was made possible by a $4 million dollar government grant. The facility, which will also house a cutting edge research and development center, is estimated to cost about $7.5 million dollars. No word yet on when the virtual hospital will open.

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