VR Ninja Dojo Trains You in the Ancient Arts

Let’s face it. Ninjas are awesome. They get to wear a cool outfit and wield some pretty slick weaponry. Unfortunately, the majority of us will never become one, but now we can live out our childhood ninja fantasies through virtual reality.

At the VR Ninja Dojo in Tokyo’s Kanda district, you’ll get to dress up and train just like a real ninja. But you won’t be jumping into combat right away. First, you’ll have to actually learn how to be a ninja. You’ll put on a full ninja costume and instructors will teach the ancient arts such as swordplay, shuriken (ninja stars), and ninjutsu (mystical ninja techniques).


VR Ninja Dojo - YellRobot
credit: VR Ninja Dojo

Test Your Ninja Skills Against Monsters in Virtual Reality

Once training is complete, you’ll put on an HTC Vive headset and jump into battle. Every movement is tracked as your whole body and sword is fitted with VIVE trackers. As a new ninja, you’ll fight monsters big and small with bosses waiting at the end of each level.

You can slice them with your blade, dodge their attacks and even throw some ninja stars. After the experience is over, you won’t get to keep your ninja costume but you’ll receive a scroll/certificate and a pretty cool photo.


VR Ninja Dojo Aimed at Tourists

While the VR Ninja Dojo is located in Tokyo, it’s really aimed at tourists as the experience is completely in English. Sessions, which can accommodate groups of 1-10 people, cost about 70$ per person and last 75-90 minutes. According to the company, the ninja fun is suitable for ages 7 through adult. The VR Ninja Dojo will open March 18.

The company is not content with just staying in Tokyo. They are looking to bring the ninja experience to hotels, theme parks and other tourist areas around the world.

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