The World’s First VR Gym Opens in San Francisco

You really want to work out but instead of hitting the gym you always end up on your couch playing video games. Well, now you can do both at the world’s first virtual reality gym.

At the Black Box VR gym in San Francisco, people can play video games in virtual reality while working out. Using the company’s resistance machine and a VR headset, the 30-40 minute workouts combine high-intensity cardio and resistance training. Customers can compete against their own performance or other players.

Black Box VR Workouts Can Adjust to Ability and Coach on Proper Form

The workouts take place in a solo 10 x 10 room where exercisers put on a VR headset along with wearable devices that track their movements and body position. Users can turn the intensity up or down based on their ability. The virtual software will also coach users on proper form.

The game uses HTC Vive headsets which have built-in sweatbands to prevent fogginess. To make sure everything is sanitary, the headsets include a replaceable cover which is cleaned after every use.

Workouts Can Be Scheduled Via VR Gym’s App

Users can schedule a workout ahead of time via the gym’s app. There are 14 boxes and most workouts last about 30 minutes so there are about 28 slots available per hour.

An unlimited use access pass to the VR training costs $199 per month. The company is offering a free introductory workout to the first 200 people. The Black Box VR gym is located at 1390 Market St. in the Fox Plaza. You can find more info on their website.

Source: ABC

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