Voice Activated Bathroom

Voice Activated Bathroom

Kohler Co. is a global leader in the innovation and design of bath and kitchen products. In early 2018, it unveiled Kohler Konnect, a brand-new platform, allowing users control their Kohler products in the bath and the kitchen through voice activated technology. The voice activated bathroom is almost here.

Kohler Konnect has the capability to support a multitude of voice services. Users can interact with it through voice commands. It allows users to use the kitchen faucet as well as to control the features of intelligent toilets, adjusting the light in their bathroom mirrors, run showers, and fill the bath to specified temperature and depth, all through simple voice commands. It is powered using the global-scale and trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It allows users the setting up of tailored preferences, automating everyday tasks and staying abreast of their water usage when it comes to products that are paired with it.

credit: www.us.kohler.com

Up until now, connected devices and voice services have increasingly been integrated into pretty much every aspect of the home, excepting the toilet. Kohler Konnect changes all this, providing outstanding technologies and design, offering functionality and convenience, enriching and personalizing user experiences, making them more enjoyable, more comfortable and easier. These technologies help users in all manner of tasks, including getting ready for work in the morning, helping one’s children go through their bedtime routines in the evening, or just relaxing in the bath. Kohler Konnect’s voice activated toilet represents the next step in the evolution of smart technologies, helping to make our daily lives better.

In an effort to provide optimal functionality and wider accessibility to their new product portfolios related to Kohler Konnect, the brand offers support in some products for Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, bringing the latest technologies to the bathroom in ways that are meaningful.

YellRobot- Voice Activated Bathroom

credit: www.us.kohler.com

Verdera: the mirror that lights by voice

Kohler has launched Verdera, a mirror that lights by voice, the first mirror ever to have Amazon’s Alexa built into it. It is a great device to have, serving as the centerpiece of a smart bathroom, the way of the future. Other products by Kohler can be paired to it, helping consumers to reduce the clutter on their countertops, streamlining voice capabilities inside their bathroom spaces.

Verdera incorporates dual microphones, enhancing its voice control’s accuracy. It gives users access to Alexa’s skills that number in the tens of thousands, improving functionality and comfort, and additionally communicating with the other products connected to the Wi-Fi network.


YellRobot- Voice Activated Bathroom
credit: us.kohler.com

Voice Activated Shower System

Kohler connect provides a personalized showering experience, allowing users to adjust the temperature of the water, control body sprays and shower heads, stem, lighting, music and the duration of the shower using voice commands.

Voice Activated Bathtub

Kohler Konnect allows users to fill their baths at the temperature and depth that they desire, saving the time spend on monitoring the filling of water in the bath physically, also incorporating auto-drain and auto-fill functions through voice control.


credit: www.us.kohler.com

Voice activated toilet

Kohler Konnect uses sensors to operate the toilet flush, making its users’ lives easier. All you have to do is ask it to flush, and if for some reason you forget it will flush itself anyways. You can also control the seat warmer, color of ambient lighting and the music from its speakers. For those getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, the lid automatically opens as you approach, it then flushes and closes the lid after you leave.


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