VAR Live is Malaysia’s Largest VR Theme Park

Game developer VAR Live has opened up Malaysia’s largest VR Theme Park in the MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The new game center’s theme is “Dream With Your Eyes Open”. It features 13 VR Attractions and 14 game rooms each with their own immersive experience.

You won’t just be strapping on a headset and playing a normal game. Each room will immerse gamers into a completely unique experience. Floors shake, guns vibrate and some rooms even have giant fans to simulate wind. VAR Live Malaysia also utilizes real scene infrared localization technology and an enhanced audio experience.

VAR LIVE VR Malaysia - YellRobot

VAR Live Malaysia Offers a Unique VR Experience

Gamers will do things like shoot zombies in Zombie Jail, race around in City Hero, search ancient ruins in Treasure Hunter, or even try to survive a haunted cabin in The Others. VAR Live has games for both kids and adults. Some games you’ll play solo while others you can team up with friends.

All games are made ‘in-house’ by VAR Live making them unique. The company is also continuing to work on different hardware options to continue to evolve the experience.

The headset of choice is the HTC Vive. In most the rooms, the headsets are tethered to PCs in the ceiling. This is only temporary as the company says it will eventually utilize 5GHz WiFi instead. There are also plans for VR backpacks in the next year. They’ll be used for games that require more movement.

The venue will continue to evolve and add new attractions. VAR Live Malaysia plans to add at least three to four new games every year along with getting involved with e-sports.

VAR LIVE VR Malaysia - YellRobot

VR Theme Park Will Also Be Used for Training

In addition to gaming, the company is hoping to use their facility to help companies and government organizations train their workers using the latest VR technologies.

If the police need to train what to do if five people attack one person at the same time, it can be done in the interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment,said VAR LIVE Global Limited chief executive officer Steve Ngu

VAR Live is also looking to open up in other cities such as Kota Kinabalu and Johor. Currently, the company has similar locations in Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, China, and Pakistan.