Tunisia Using P-Guard Robots to Patrol the Streets During COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many countries around the globe are in lockdown. While most are using the local police force or military to enforce new rules, Tunisia is turning to more innovative methods.

To help monitor the capital of Tunis, the North African country is using autonomous robots. The P-Guard, which comes from local company Enova Robotics, has been patrolling the streets making sure citizens are following new COVID-19 regulations. The robot can automatically detect intrusion and any other types of negative behaviors.  It keeps in contact with central command by sending real-time alerts and video.

The rugged security robot features a set of 4 HD infrared cameras that cover the entire surrounding area, Omni-directional audio, a 360-degree thermal camera, and a sound and light alarm system. Onboard GPS and a laser telemetry system help the P-Guard navigate the patrol area. The robot’s route can be changed remotely by an operator if need be.

P-Guard Robot Allows Security to Communicate

Citizens can receive alerts and information via the robot’s pre-recorded messages.  A two-way intercom system allows security personnel to communicate with anyone who comes in contact with the bot.

The P-Guard can patrol day and night in all types of weather. It travels on most types of terrain at speeds up to 8 mph. The load capacity on the four and a half foot long robot is about 45 pounds.

The P-Guard has been seen in Tunis since the lockdown began on March 22. It has been used previously to patrol airports, prisons, corporate campuses, power stations, and manufacturing plants.

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