Trashbot Automatically Sorts Trash and Recyclables

Most of us want to recycle. Even when trying our best, we often don’t put the items into the correct bin. One company is taking the human element out of the equation and turning to robotics to properly sort trash.

Meet the Trashbot. It comes from Pittsburgh based CleanRobotics. The trash sorting robot utilizes computer vision and AI to detect and separate recyclables from landfill items. Users can also monitor bin capacity, generate reports, and track types of waste. The robot is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion. It also includes a built-in display that allows the user to add custom content.

The AI is adjustable and can evolve over time to conform to area regulations and the preferences of recycling centers. Cloud connectivity allows the unit’s software to be automatically updated and become more intelligent by learning from other robots in the global TrashBot fleet.

Trash Sorting Robot Recycles with 90% Accuracy

Trashbot operates pretty much like any other garbage bin. Users place a piece of trash into the unit one at a time. The lid then closes and the cameras, sensors, and AI  identify the item and puts it into the proper internal bin. The whole process takes about 3 to 5 seconds. According to the company, the Trashbot was able to separate recyclable vs. landfill items with 90% accuracy. Conventional methods are only about 30% accurate.

As of now, the Trashbot is designed for high-volume locations like airports, bus stations, and malls. CleanRobotics has plans to offer smaller versions that are more suited for places like offices, cafes and in the home. The company is currently raising funds to help make their robotic trash bins more widely available.

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