Sunflower System Protects Homes with AI and Autonomous Drone

We’ve seen artificial intelligence protecting places like malls and drones helping to patrol the skies. Now one company is combining artificial intelligence and autonomous drones to help protect your home.

Sunflower System Autonomous Security Drone-YellRobot
credit: Sunflower Systems

Sunflower System Uses Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Drones

Meet Sunflower. It’s a completely autonomous home security system that will monitor your property from air and land whether you’re home or away. Whenever a possible intruder is detected on your property, lights called ‘sunflowers’ illuminate the dark areas and send an alert to the drone called a ‘bee’.

The fully autonomous bee then takes to the sky to see what’s going on and if need be follow the possible intruder. If the user wants to manually check an area, the drone can also be controlled via the app or even integrate with Siri. When all is clear, the bee will return to its charging base called the ‘Hive’.


Drone Flies Autonomously For 15 Minutes, Takes Only 30 Minutes to Fully Charge

Onboard sensors and a high-resolution camera help the bee avoid and adjust to any obstacles it may encounter during flight. Depending on where the disturbance is, the Sunflower System calculates the best and safest path for the drone. It’ll also ensure the bee comes in at an angle to get the best camera shot. The drone streams and records video in real time which can be viewed with the app.

A fully charged bee can fly for around 15 minutes until it needs to be charged. It only takes about 30 minutes of charging to get the drone back to full capacity. Depending on the shape of the property, the system will be able to cover up to about 6 acres of land.

Sunflower System Autonomous Security Drone-YellRobot
credit: Sunflower Systems

Sunflower AI Learns Your Habits

The brains of the Sunflower System are the sunflower lights. They share information with each other to help increase efficiency and work as a team to protect your property. Data can be viewed in real time via the Sunflower’s app.

Each sunflower contains 20 sensors that can detect motion and vibration. These help determine what exactly is happening on your property. It’ll know if it’s an intruder or just your dog running around. To help cut down on false alarms, the Sunflower system can also learn you and your properties daily activities.

While the Sunflower is still in the testing phase, the security system definitely sounds promising. The company has not announced any info about pricing or a release date.

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