Speech Recognition for Students with Special Needs

Speech Recognition Technology for Students With Special Education Needs - YellRobo

Speech Recognition Technology for Students With Special Education Needs

The start of the fall semester means a lot of stress and work for kids and no one is more mindful of that stress than students who have special education needs. Especially students with Dyslexia that can interfere with their ability to share their thought and ideas even though they might be as enthusiastic as anyone else when reading in or outside of a classroom. In this digital age, we are in, speech recognition for students with special needs seems like a great path to explore.

The ability of reading is taken for granted by all of us. We may not realize how important casually reading a line of information with ease might be. Reading is the core of receiving an education and imagine having that very ability hampered within such a way that you can’t control. It’s frustrating for everyone who has to live with it and it’s even more frustrating when people expect you to perform equally as your peers when there’s something holding you back that you can’t help.

Of all the learning issues that people with Dyslexia face, the difficulty to read is one of the most prominent. This can have a huge negative impact on engagement with one’s education and can have an adverse psychological effect. People with dyslexia can end up not participating at all which can lead them to have anxiety. This anxiety will then be most active during a class or in front of an audience.

Speech Recognition Technology for Students With Special Education Needs - YellRobo

Speech Recognition Software

The introduction of readily available PCs for dyslexic students has increased the number of support tools that can help them. Assistive aids like document readers, screen readers, and speech recognition technology give students the ability to enjoy the opportunity to share information, to communicate in a more equal way.

Speech recognition software has proven to be remarkable in its assistive qualities. This software has been around for a while but recently it’s increased significantly in accuracy and enable quicker use and ease of adaption.

Speech recognition software is able to transcribe a speaker’s words with a 99% accuracy rate. With some software, up to 250 words per minute can be transcribed. (source: https://zapier.com/blog/best-text-dictation-software/) This is groundbreaking as converting ideas and capturing thoughts has never been this easy.

Speech Recognition Technology for Students With Special Education Needs - YellRobo

Now even smartphones come with the ability to read text aloud and to transcribe your words. Having smart-devices that are capable of running speech recognition software only closes the gap for dyslexic students. Specialized applications are available as well.

Students or anyone with dyslexia will appreciate one of the most valuable features, its ability to read text aloud. People with dyslexia struggle with reading the most and having some sort of function to read is a huge blessing.

Having speech recognition software helps increase confidence in one’s own ability as they finally feel like they’re on par with everyone. Once the proper support is available, dyslexic students might even surpass their peers to become the top of the class model students.

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