Speech Recognition in Video Games

Speech Recognition in Video Games

Speech recognition technology is increasingly reaching greater and greater degrees of sophistication, online speech communication tools and virtual assistants finding their ways into people’s devices, offices and homes. And the world of speech recognition in video games isn’t far behind.

Video games are also incorporating speech recognition technology, albeit the process is still in its nascent stages. However, as AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) games gain in popularity, speech recognition could soon become a staple of the video game world. The introduction of AR and VR tools to the market has sparked a radical revolution in the world of video games.

These technologies transform games into totally immersive experiences, allowing players an opportunity to completely enter the world of the video game, eliminating the distance that has traditionally lain between the screen and the human eye. They permit players to engage with their surrounding environments as if the surrounding environment were the game itself.

Buttons on video game controllers aren’t used any longer to navigate these games. Voice recognition technology is simply the next step in this immersive experience.

Voice recognition technology can be used as a way to engage with the various situations presented in video games, enabling a greater degree of immersion than what is possible through AR and VR technologies on their own.

Speech recognition technology can be employed in a wide variety of different ways, such as by allowing players to control the console and gameplay or by allowing different players to communicate with each other while playing the same game.

While speech recognition technology might enrich AR and VR players’ experiences in the future, it is already being used in interactive online games including Overwatch and Call of Duty, allowing players to communicate with each other.

YellRobot- Speech recognition in video games

Starship Commander

Starship commander is a video game that incorporates speech recognition technology. While it does recognize some commands, there is still plenty of room for improvement. But, having said that, this video game does point to the direction in which we are headed, one where speech recognition technology will become seamlessly integrated into our video game playing experience.

YellRobot- Speech recognition in video games

The obstacles

Making video games is an immensely challenging proposition, let alone successful ones. They require a substantial plot, a multitude of characters and good dialogue. It is a process that can last for years. Creating open world video games is even more challenging, with the developers having to anticipate a multitude of scenarios for every section and sequence. Adding speech recognition technology to the mix only enhances the challenge, presenting yet another obstacle to overcome, a major one at that.

And once you’ve integrated the technology, you need to collect a cache of speech data, providing the game with information that is sufficient for the processing of a variety of inflections and variety in voices. For global distribution, the video game has to be able to process a massive number of different languages, accents and dialects to be able to make sense of input from global users. These challenges will take time to overcome.


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