Speech Recognition in Customer Service

Speech recognition in customer service

Speech recognition technology refers to a machine’s ability to identify phrases or words from spoken language, converting them to a format that is readable by machines. In call centers representing the customer services departments of various companies, this technology is used to deal with customers who call in, allowing their queries to be dealt with purely by speaking instead of having to push buttons. Speech recognition in customer service vendors include Nuance, Loquendo, IBM and Microsoft.

Speech Recognition in Customer Service

Benefits of speech recognition in customer services

Speech recognition technology helps companies to lower their costs, automating the management of 40% to 85% of incoming customer calls. There is evidence to suggest that speech recognition technology improves the quality of customer service, being available at all times, even when human agents are unavailable. Customer service departments are increasingly using speech recognition technology to improve their effectivity. It has also been found to be more effective at taking surveys, most customers finding it comfortable to deal with.

Speech recognition technology enables users to quickly and easily create documents and control their devices by giving verbal instructions. The software has capabilities of producing words at the same speed as they are spoken, making them much faster typing, allowing not only for dictation solutions, but also for producing lengthy transcripts pertaining to such things as legal matters and healthcare.

The businesses capable of providing customer service using this technology simply provide better customer service, enhancing their customers’ experience while also reducing their costs. They make the process of having customers input various kinds of information much simpler, information including the reason they have called, their account number and names, all accomplished without having to interact with a live call center agent. This tremendously boosts a call center’s productivity, eliminating the need for callers to idly wait because all agents are occupied with other calls.

Speech recognition’s role in detecting fraud

Fraudulent calls are a big problem across the world, particularly in the UK and USA, costing businesses significant amounts of money. Speech recognition technology is a great and effective way to detect fraud and combat fraudulent activity. A combination of keyword spotting and voice biometrics allows voice recognition technology to identify fraudsters, alerting the concerned authorities and providing the conversation to them. This saves businesses from risks of fraud, translating into time and money, in both the short as well as the long run.

Speech Recognition in Customer Service

Research and development

Speech recognition technology can be used as a tool for research and development, saving companies money and time, and giving them insights on this front. This technology can gather information through voice recognition, information like gender, accent, language, topic, emotion, age and call dynamics. It can give businesses insights into customer attitudes as well.

Monitoring call center agents

Speech recognition technology are used by call centers to monitor their live agents’ performance. They are recorded for training, performance tracking and other related services, making them crucially important. Speech recognition services are changing and creating workflows all through business customer services because of their accurate analytics.


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