Speech Recognition in Advertising

Speech Recognition in Advertising

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, we are seeing a rise in the demand for those application which make use of speech recognition in advertising, applications that can respond to verbal commands and questions. Google home, to give one example of many, can be utilized to identify each person in a house. An increasing number of consumers are starting to buy items using verbal speech. Televisions, smartphones and many other devices are equipped with speech recognition technology these days. It is becoming more and more common for people to translate phrases, dictate messages and conduct online searches using verbal speech.


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JetBlue ad campaign

Speech recognition technology has been undergoing rapid development, recently paving the way for speech recognition technology to be integrated into advertising. It did this in a mobile ad linked to JetBlue. The ad permitted user interaction, allowing users to use verbal speech through their smartphones. The ad poses users with a number of questions, allowing them to answer through speech recognition technology. To give but one example, a user could speak a foreign word into his/her phone’s microphone and discover the translation of that word, the process taking a matter of seconds, the ad displaying the answer on users’ screens.

YellRobot- Speech recognition in advertising


Domino’s, a famous pizza chain, has unveiled its voice ordering mechanism, styled after Apple’s Siri. The system was developed by Nuance, a firm that specializes in voice recognition. The software that was developed sits side by side with ‘the Dru Assist,’ Domino’s virtual assistant. They claim that it has brought greater accuracy and efficiency into making orders with Domino’s. Brands which are prepared to incorporate speech recognition technology into their enterprises are bound to create a competitive edge for themselves. Expect speech recognition technology to become increasingly pervasive in the future.

YellRobot- Speech recognition in advertising


Ocado, a British supermarket brand that conducts its business online, has released its speech recognition app, making it possible for customers to put groceries within their shopping lists through verbal commands. This new app makes an addition to the point of purchase options already available with Ocado, including their website, Android mobile app, watchOS app and the iOS mobile app. Simon Horrocks, AppDynamics’ manager, has asserted that the app is a part of many new and captivating developments taking place in how brands interact with customers using speech recognition technology.

Ocado’s move is made more fascinating by the fact that even though it is Amazon’s competitor, it is using Amazon’s platform for their latest innovations.

This shows us that speech recognition technology should prepare us to see unexpected things in the future.


YellRobot- Speech recognition in advertising


PayPal has announced that it has updates its app available on the iPad and iPhone, supporting new payment transactions with the help of Siri, permitting its users to request and send money within 30 different countries the world over using verbal commands. The speech recognition software recognizes commands such as ‘send $100 to my brother using PayPal,’ prompting Siri to connect to the PayPal service, generating the details of your transaction, ready for you to authorize.


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