Blendid Smoothie Robot Uses AI to Make Perfect Mix

We’ve seen robots making things like ice cream and pizza. While it might be fun to get food from robots, some may desire healthier options.

Meet Sunnyvale, California based Blendid. They’ve created an autonomous smoothie robot that will mix your drink perfectly every time. The stand-alone station includes blenders, two robotic arms, and 20 temperature-controlled dispensers for its fresh produce and liquids. Smoothies are made in under three minutes making Blendid perfect for that health enthusiast on the go.

Only the healthiest natural ingredients are used in the drinks. Customers can choose blends like Green Warrior, which includes kale, apples, and blueberries, or Modern Lassi. made with mangos, coconut water, and agave. All smoothies can be easily customized to fit a customer’s preference.

Smoothie robot Blendid autonomous - YellRobot
credit: Blendid

Smoothie Robot Will Adjust to Taste Preferences and Allergy Concerns

Ordering is done with the app or via a touch screen at the kiosk. To make sure customers get that perfect smoothie, the AI will remember things like favorite mixes, ingredient preferences, and even allergy concerns. It will give customers recommendations based on what types of ingredients were used in previous orders. As far as prices go, smoothies cost about $6 for a 12-ounce drink.

The robot smoothie kiosk can work 24 hours a day and takes up less space than typical mixing stations. Smart AI allows the robot to add the perfect amount of ingredients each time, adjusting for the size of the drink and “taste profile” of the customer. Other than needing a human to refill when ingredients get low, the robot can operate pretty much independently.

Each robot costs about $70,000 to build but Blendid offers a franchise option allowing the robot to be installed with a lower up-front cost. They currently have kiosks at the University of San Francisco’s Market Café and the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, California. The company plans to add more locations throughout the year.

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