Singapore Using Social Distancing Robot to Fight COVID-19

While Singapore has fared better than others during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are still doing their best to enforce social distancing. Along with new regulations, the country is turning to an imposing robot to remind citizens to keep their distance. 

Meet the 0-R3. It comes from local company Otsaw. The security robot has been deployed to places like parks and footpaths. It rolls around warning people to keep a safe distance and letting them know if they are getting too close to one another. The 0-R3 says things like “Please practice safe distancing at all times and do not loiter at this park – stay safe, stay home.”

Singapore Social Distancing Robot - YellRobot
credit: Reuters

Social Distancing Robot Collects Data and Video

Along with sensors that help the robot navigate, a 360-degree camera collects data and video that is sent for security officers to review. The robot can cover about 2.5 miles before it needs to be recharged.

Singapore initially commissioned the robots for security surveillance at reservoirs across the country. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 0-R3’s role was changed into that of a “social distancing ambassador”

Source: Reuters

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