Rwanda Deploying Robots to Fight COVID-19

While not as hard hit as some other nations, the Central African country of Rwanda has been proactive in the battle against COVID-19. They’ve enacted multiple public awareness campaigns and new regulations to help limit human to human interaction. Now in an attempt to keep medical personnel and citizens safe, they are turning to 5 robots.

The Rwandan robots, which were imported, have been programmed to join the battle against the deadly virus in both medical facilities and public places. Along with limiting human to human interaction, officials hope the robots can help free up medical personnel for other tasks.

In hospitals, they’ll be monitoring patients, taking temperatures and serving as an intermediary with doctors. They’ll also keep medical records of each patient for review.

In public places such as bus stations, shopping areas, and parks, they’ll be mainly used to take temperatures. If anyone shows signs of possible infection, authorities will be notified for further action.

Rwanda Robots Join Drones in Fight Against COVID-19

The robots feature an video screen and can also respond to voice commands. Onboard sensors allow them to navigate a designated area avoiding any objects or people who may get in their way.

“The robots will be used as the interface between doctors and patients to avoid any possible human contact,” said Minister Ngamije. Adding, “Some of the robots have already been in Rwanda and will be programmed and employed first.

Rwanda isn’t just relying on robots in the fight against COVID-19. They also deployed drones to raise public awareness about the virus. The country has over 273 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 136 recoveries.

Source: CIO East Africa

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