Russian Super Robot FEDOR Can Shoot Guns and Fly Into Space

Checkmate Western World. The Russians are apparently developing robots that can shoot guns and travel into space by themselves.

Gun-Toting Robot Also Drives and Works Out

Created by the FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) program, this Russian super robot can shoot guns with both hands, drive a car, do pushups and lift weights. Weighing about 233 pounds and standing 6 feet tall, FEDOR can also do household tasks like open doors, screw in a lightbulb, insert a key into a lock, and operate a drill in case you need some furniture put together.

The robot can work autonomously, respond to voice, and be controlled remotely. Russian scientists and engineers are also working to improve FEDOR’s decision-making capabilities.

FEDOR Russian Robot - YellRobot
credit:Rokossovskiy Konstantint/Youtube

Robot Will Fly to Space on Its Own

If Russian robot domination of earth was not enough, FEDOR will also fly the crewless aircraft Federatsiya into space by 2022. Russia’s state space corporation, Roscosmos, has had no comment on what the robot will actually do in space but it’s assumed it will venture outside the aircraft to take on tasks too dangerous for astronauts. Theoretically, robots like FEDOR could be used to help create bases on Mars and other planets. Russian scientists are also hopeful that FEDOR can be brought into space with a human crew to work on the International Space Station in 2019.

credit: Chris Eger/Youtube

Russia Claims They Aren’t Making the Terminator

Commisioned by the Russian government, the robot was designed by Russian firm Android Technics and the state’s Advanced Research Fund. FEDOR is Russia’s first domestically produced humanoid robot.

“FEDOR was designed as an android able to replace humans in high-risk areas, such as rescue operations. For this purpose, it was necessary to teach him to work independently in an urban environment, navigate the terrain, drive a car, to handle special tools, first aid, and other actions,” Andrey Grigoriev, director of Russia’s Advanced Research Fund, told Russia’s state-run RIA Novosti

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin assured everyone on Twitter that Russia was “not creating the Terminator” (Yeah sure). When we asked Vladimir Putin about FEDOR, he refused to comment but did apparently cough “Robot Space Army” on his way out of the room.

FEDOR Russian Robot - YellRobot
credit:Rokossovskiy Konstantint/Youtube


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