Robots Make Smoothies in Ono Blends Mobile Restaurant

You may be surprised to find out that robots making smoothies is nothing new. A few months back we reported on a robotic vending machine from Blendid. Now one company is taking things to the next level by putting smoothie robots on wheels.

California based Ono Food Co. has unleashed Ono Blends. It’s basically a robotic smoothie maker in a truck. The company is claiming it to be the world’s “first mobile restaurant powered by robotic technology”.

The process is pretty simple. A customer orders from a nearby kiosk, picking a pre-made recipe or their own custom blend. The robots get to work and within 60 seconds the smoothie is ready.

Because of the automated nature of the process, the smoothies are made exactly to specifications every time. No uneven mixes or bad consistencies. The customer gets exactly what they order. Ono Blends can handle an impressive 60 smoothies an hour.

Ono Blends Robot Smoothie Mobile Restaurant Los Angeles - YellRobot
credit: Ono Blends

Ono Blends Mobile Smoothie Restaurant Uses Over 100 Sensors

The mobile smoothie restaurant also helps cut down on waste. Because the whole process is automated, there are no spilled or wasted ingredients. The system includes over 100 sensors to monitor ingredient volume and temperature to make sure everything is fresh.

Ono Blends’ electric self-cleaning blender and robotic systems also use 28x less water than traditional smoothie operators.  As an added bonus, all of trucks’s cups and straws are compostable.

The company will also be soon launching an app where customers can view Ono Blends location. They’ll be able to place an order via smartphone and when they are in a 300-foot radius of the truck, the robots will get to work on the smoothie to make sure it’s fresh and ready when the customer arrives.

Ono Blends Robot Smoothie Mobile Restaurant Los Angeles - YellRobot
credit: Ono Blends

$6 All Natural Smoothies

Robots are great but are the smoothies any good?  Ono Blends uses the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables. Customers can also customize their smoothie based on nutritional preferences or dietary restrictions. There are even vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options. As far as pricing goes, smoothies cost up to a reasonable six dollars.

The mobile smoothie restaurant has been making its way around the Los Angeles area. You can check out where the truck will be on Ono Blends website.

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