Robots Checking Temperatures at South Korea Incheon Airport

To help curb the spread of COVID-19 at its airports, South Korea is turning to artificial intelligence. Temperature taking robots are being deployed at Incheon International Airport. They will be assessing travelers at departure halls in Terminals 1 & 2.

The robots use a thermal imaging camera to take body temperatures of approaching travelers. If an issue is detected, the airport staff is notified for further action. Along with checking temperature, the robots will also spray hand sanitizer for passengers. Three robots will be near the check-in counter at Terminal 1 departure hall and while another will be near the Terminal 2 check-in counter. 

Temperature Taking Robots Incheon Airport South Korea -YellRobot

Incheon Also Using Temperature Testing Kiosks

The airport has also installed temperature checking kiosks. They have the same functions as the robots and will give a warning sound when high temperatures are detected. Later this year, Incheon International Airport will be introducing self-driving robots that have the ability to sense whether passengers are wearing masks or not.  Officials hope these measures will accelerate the expansion of smart quarantine services at the airport.

Source: Pulse News South Korea

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