Robot Zoo Exhibit at Courtland Center Mall in Michigan

If you can’t make it to the zoo, the Sloan Museum in Burton, Michigan is offering the next best thing. Visitors can see how real complex animals move and live by way of robotics. At the robot zoo animals are engineered down the slightest detail of their living counterpart. The 5000-foot exhibit features 8 robot animals along with a variety of hands-on activities.

You’ll see things like a 6-foot robot bat flapping its wings while hanging upside-down on a tree branch. A chameleon changes its colors and uses its long tongue to grab a meal.

Robot Zoo at Courtland Center Mall Through Sept. 8

If bugs are more your thing, you can experience being a fly stuck to a wall or examine visual receptors that simulate the insects compound eyes.

Visitors can also control a robot rhino, see how a giant squid propels itself, or examine the bones and muscles of a colorful giraffe.

The Robot Zoo exhibit will be at Sloan’s location inside the Courtland Center Mall through Sept 8.

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