Robot Wedding Photographer Can Recognize Guests

Robots are working everywhere these days from warehouses to coffee shops. Some have a more artistic side and are trying their hand at photography.

Meet Eva. She’s a robot wedding photographer who’ll go around taking snaps of your big day. Using facial recognition, she’s able to recognize guests and will even ask permission before taking their picture.

The robot has an interactive screen where guests can choose photo options and pick out the snaps they want. Photos can be printed at a nearby printing station or uploaded straight to social media. Eva’s screen can be customized with things like with branded videos, company logos, and altered greetings to reflect the theme of the event.

robot wedding photographer - YellRobot

Robot Photographer Shoots First Wedding

Eva stands about 5 feet tall and onboard infrared sensors help the bot navigate the room avoiding any obstacles that may get in the way. It evens uses smart map building to pick the most efficient route for photographing the event.

Launched only a few months ago, Eva shot her first wedding recently on April 7 in the UK. The guests got a big kick out of the photography robot. Plus with the robot’s ability to roam freely, the guests did not have to get up out of their seats or squeeze into a photo booth to obtain photos.

“The whole experience was amazing and people were still talking about Eva at breakfast in the morning!” said the bride.

Robot Won’t Replace Human Photogs Just Yet

While a robot wedding photographer can add a unique touch, we don’t think human photogs should be worried just yet. Weddings are one of the hardest things to photograph. They take skill, planning and the ability to adapt quickly to a usually chaotic environment. And it’s one of those events you really can’t reshoot. If they aren’t captured right, that first dance or kiss is lost forever.

According to the company, Eva is not a replacement for a trained human photographer. Her photos are meant to be candid and fun. She’s simply there to add novelty and spice up a wedding just like a photo booth.

Eva isn’t just limited weddings. She can work other events such as birthday parties, product launches, proms, and corporate functions. You can find out more information about Eva at