Robots Building Robot Museum in Seoul

If you are going to build a museum about robots, you might as well include them in the process. That’s exactly what’s going down in South Korea. The Robot Science Museum will soon begin construction in the Chang-dong area of Seoul and robots along with drones will be doing most of the building.

Robots and Drones Will Build Robot Science Museum

The group behind the project is Turkish Architectural Design Firm Melike Altınışık Architects. Robots will mold, weld and assemble the curving metal facade of the building. They’ll also be 3D-printing the concrete landscaping around the building.

The drones in the sky will be used to control construction vehicles. They’ll also map the area along with making sure the site is running efficiently.

The robot museum will have a globular shape and be about four stories. The plans are for three exhibition areas along with a shop, offices and a seminar room. According to the architectural firm, the building will have a “wide range of possibilities for connection with urban orientation and public spaces”.

“The new Robot Science Museum (RSM) which plays a catalytic role in advancing and promoting science, technology, and innovation throughout society is not only going to exhibit robots but actually from design, manufacturing to construction and services robots will be in charge. In other words, RSM will start its ‘first exhibition’ with ‘its own construction’ by robots on site.” said Melike Altınışık.

Robot Museum Seoul Science - YellRobot
credit: Melike Altınışık Architects

Robot Builders Will Save Time and Money

According to Melike Altınışık Architects, the use of robots and drones will save time and money along with cutting down on errors. Construction will begin in 2020 with the robot museum opening its doors in 2022.  Along with the novelty of a museum about robots being built by robots, this will be quite the architectural feet if successful. It could also provide a blueprint for using robots in construction for buildings around the world.


credit: Melike Altınışık Architects

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