Robot Restaurant Opens at Hotel in Kerala, India

Recently, we’ve seen robot restaurants opening in all kinds of places around the globe from Tokyo to Delaware to Nepal to Qatar. Well, now you can add Kerala, India to the list.

The Kannur district may not have a lot of hotels, but they do have one of the most interesting. The restaurant at the Be@Kiwizo hotel has recently hired a few robots to help serve and entertain customers.

Meet waitresses Aleena, Helen, and Jane. The five feet tall robots have recently begun taking orders and delivering food at the restaurant. They’ll greet the customer, display the menu and record the order. When the food is ready, the same robot will emerge from the kitchen and deliver it to the table. After the food is served, customers touch a button on the robot and it goes on its way.

robot restaurant Kerala India - YellRobot
image credit: Shadra Bhat

The robots will be moving through a designated path in the restaurant. If someone happens to get in their way, the robots will stop and politely ask them to move aside. Along with the three robot waitresses, there is a smaller robot whose job is to entertain younger customers. It will dance and sing with the kids, and even show them where the bathroom is.

The restaurant has a capacity for 100 guests and also houses the Juice Box café and Baking Mommy bakery. Be@Kiwizo is owned by Malayalam industry actor-producer, Maniyan Pillai Raju, and a few other investors. The group is planning a similar hotel in Doha, Qatar, aimed to service football lovers who will come to Doha for the 2022 world cup.

“This is an effort to bring technology and the food industry closer. People come to the restaurant not just to have food, but also to spend some good time. I believe these efforts will enhance that experience,” said Raju.

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