This Robot Maid Can Clean Your House and then Get You Coffee

Remember the Jetsons? As kids, we hoped someday we’d have flying cars or those jetpacks Elroy used to zip around with. As we become older, the thing we really want most from the Jetsons is their lovable maid Rosie. Because let’s be honest, we all despise cleaning. Whether it’s vacuuming the living room, mopping up the kitchen or picking up our kid’s toys, nobody cleans with a smile on their face. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a robot maid like Rosie to clean up while we focused on other stuff?

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Aeolus Robot Maid

Well having a “Rosie” might be closer than you think thanks to a company called Aeolus Robotics. They unveiled their as of yet unnamed “maid” robot earlier this year. The child-sized robot can mop, pick up stuff off the floor, put dishes away, and even move furniture.

The robot isn’t just about cleaning, it can even make and bring you coffee if you so shall desire. It can recognize both voice and text commands so you can simply say “Mop the floor then bring me my coffee” and walla! The robot integrates with Alexa, Google Home, and other smart devices. The robot’s owner can use an app to interact with and monitor it’s activities, even being able to see the world exactly as the robot does.

Robot Learning and Adaptation

The most intriguing thing about these robots is that they actually learn over time. They can recognize faces and voices, take on new tasks and remember where more than 1,000 household items last were and should be.  Alexander Huang, Global chief executive of Aeolus Robotics told the Washington Post, each robot the company sells will be connected to a network that allows the machines to share information with each other about thousands of objects, using artificial intelligence to make the robot constantly adapt to new tasks and situations.

The robot can assign ownership of items to certain individuals so when cleaning up a living room, the toy goes into the child’s closet while a certain sweater goes into dad’s closet.

Robot Maids - YellRobot

More than Just Cleaning

Aeolus’ robot is more than just cleaning. The company feels it would perfect as a household companion to the elderly or disabled. For instance, the robot can recognize changes in posture, enabling it to recognize a fall or medical emergency at home. It can also help do things like carrying heavy objects or call family members.

According to Huang, the robot probably won’t completely break the bank, costing as “As much as a family of four to go on an overseas vacation,”. Now are we going to Rome or are we taking our family to Tahiti?

Robot maids are still in the development phase but Aeolus’s robot looks very promising and it’s only a matter of time before Rosie’s great-grandmother starts becoming the newest member of your family.

Robot Maids - YellRobot

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