World’s First Employment Agency for Robots

Many companies around the world often use employment agencies to fill positions. Sometimes there isn’t the need or capacity to bring on someone full time so workers are hired by the hour or until the job is completed. Two companies have put their own spin on temporary employment by offering up robots.

Japanese Honda affiliate MusashiAI and Israeli robotics startup SixAI have teamed to create the world’s first employment agency for robots. The joint venture will allow businesses to hire autonomous robots for industrial workplaces. Rather than investing a large amount of money upfront, companies can hire bots based on specific needs and timeframes.

“Our robot employment agency is a game-changer. It will provide capacity in markets that struggle with labor availability, either through the difficulty of the work itself or the cost pressures they face. By offering hourly or task-related salary rates, our autonomous robotic AI employees are easy to plan for and integrate in any factory work flow,” said SixAI founder and chairman Ran Poliakine.

Robot Employment Agency - YellRobot
credit: Musashi Seimitsu

Robot Employment Agency For Industrial Workplaces

The partnership isn’t limited to the robot employment agency. Automotive parts maker Musashi Seimitsu is testing SixAI’s industrial forklift and visual inspection robots at a few of their plants. The robots execute rigorous and repetitive tasks normally carried out by humans. They use artificial intelligence and optics to identify defects in manufacturing lines. The forklift driver robots are completely autonomous, offering better efficiency than human forklift drivers while improving safety standards.

“Our new partnership with SixAI allows us to step into the future,” said Musashi Seimitsu president and CEO Hiroshi Otsuka. “Our challenge is to change the world by combining AI tech with our Japanese manufacturing technology. Bringing the best new AI tech together with our 80 years of manufacturing experience will make this happen. This is a great step towards the future.”

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