Robot Dogs Used on Construction Site in Montreal

You usually don’t find too many dogs on construction sites. One company is trying to change this. Of course, they aren’t putting your favorite Pomeranian to work. They are turning to robots.

Montreal based Pomerleau is employing two robotic dogs to help them on one of their construction sites. The dogs, named Spot, come from Boston Dynamics and will be working at the company’s worksite at Place Ville-Marie for at least the next six months.

At first, the robot dogs will be used mainly to capture 360-degree images of the worksite, specifically accessing places that might be too dangerous for human workers. The images will allow the company to monitor how the work is going and if any adjustments are needed.

Robot Dogs Spot Construction Boston Dynamics - YellRobot
credit: Boston Dynamics

Robot Dogs Can Navigate Dangerous Construction Sites

The robot dogs are able to navigate uneven terrain and carry heavy loads if needed. They can move autonomously on predetermined routes.  At the beginning of the project, they will be closely followed by human workers.

Boston Dynamics’ robot is pretty impressive.  Spot can work for about 90 minutes on one swappable battery. They can travel up to speeds of 3.5 mph. Thanks to the AutoWalk feature, Spot’s autonomous actions can be recorded and replayed. Users can take control of the robot remotely if needed.  The robot is perfect for a messy worksite as the electronics are water and dust resistant.

According to the company, this is the first time Spot the robot dog is being used on a real-world construction site. After Montreal, the robots will go on tour to other construction sites across the country.

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