First Robot Cafe to Open in Dubai

Dubai will soon be getting its first robot café. RoboCafe is set to open this August in Dubai Festival City. Instead of human baristas, this café will be run completely by three robotic arms.  The bots will be doing everything from putting orders together to serving the food and drinks.

No official word on the menu but according to the website, Dubai’s robot café will be serving things like organic coffee, mocktails, and snacks. Customers will be able to place orders via a tablet or kiosk.

If you need a bit of entertainment with your coffee, the robots will also be putting on musical performances and light shows. The RoboCafe is set to open this August.

robot cafe dubai robocafe - YellRobot
credit: RoboCafe

Dubai Robot Cafe Will Face Stiff Competition

RoboCafe hopes the novelty of being run by robots can help it stand out in a crowded market. According to Dubai’s Department of Economic Development, at least 1,109 new dining venues and cafes opened their doors in the country in 2018. This up by 9.7 percent from a year earlier.

Cafes staffed by robots are slowly beginning to pop up around the world in places like Cafe X in San Francisco, Dal.komm in South Korea, and the Henna Cafe in Tokyo.

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