Robot Baristas Taking Hold in Korean Coffee Chain

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Wherever you may be on the planet, a coffee shop is most likely nearby. Those places are in fierce competition for your dollar and are constantly looking for new ways to get you in their doors. Some have turned to robots to offer a more unique experience. Usually, these robot run cafes are a novelty or one-off shop. We really haven’t seen the autonomous baristas used in larger chains on a noticeable scale. That is about to change.

Coffee chain Dal.komm seems to be ahead of the pack when it comes to using robot baristas. The company already has 45 robot-equipped outlets throughout South Korea. The automated cafes are in places like airports, malls, office building, and schools.

Dal.komm Robot Baristas Can Make Drinks in Under a Minute

Dal.komm is all about speed and convenience. Customers order via a mobile app or kiosk which then sends an alert for the robot barista to begin the order. When complete, a customer receives a 4-digit code on their smartphone which allows them to retrieve their order from a pick-up box. The robot barista can handle up to 14 drinks at one time and usually can complete each order in under a minute.

Dal.komm wants coffee to be fresh so drinks that aren’t picked up within 10 minutes are thrown away. However, customers can order a replacement drink at no charge. The robot can handle 90 cups an hour and can brew about 300 cups on a single charge.

Robot Baristas Korea Dal.komm - YellRobot
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Dal.komm Plans to Launch Faster Robot Later This Year

As far as pricing goes, the coffee ranges between $2-$3. While the cafes are mostly automated, a manager visits once a day to inspect and clean the robots. The cafes are also monitored remotely via cameras and sensors.

Along with plans to expand the robot baristas to more locations, Dal.komm plans to launch a new version of its robot later this year. Along with making drinks even faster, the robot barista will be able to recognize customer voices, movements and offer menu suggestions.

source: AP

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