PizzaGan AI Can Look at a Pizza and Give You the Recipe

We’ve seen artificial intelligence making pizza and delivering it to hungry customers. Now it’s telling you how to make your favorite pie by simply looking at a picture.

The good people at MIT have taught AI how to figure out pizza recipes. All it needs is a photo and it will tell you the toppings on it and even the order of which to place them.

It’s called PizzaGan and it was trained via clipart and Instagram. Researchers showed the AI 5,500 clipart style images each with 10 toppings labeled. It then fed it 9,213 images of pizzas taken from Instagram.

PizzaGan AI artificial intelligence MIT - Yellrobot
credit: MIT

PizzaGan AI Can Generate Photos With Choice of Toppings

Along with telling you the toppings and their order, the AI can produce an image of what the pizza would look like with the addition or subtraction of a specific topping along with showing you how it would look before and after cooking. If you are unsure how long to leave it in the oven, the AI will also give you a recommended cooking time.

No word yet on when or if PizzaGan will be available to us food lovers. So far the AI has only been tested with pizzas but MIT researchers feel the approach could be used with other layered foods such as sandwiches, burgers, and salads. Beyond food, it could also be used in fashion to help a digital shopping assistant analyze the combination of different layers of clothing.

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