London Store Selfridges Installs Robot Bartender for Holidays

Holiday shopping can be quite stressful. After dealing with traffic, crowded stores and overpriced merchandise you may just want to rest and perhaps have a nice stiff drink. Well if you happen to be shopping in London, you are in luck.

London department store Selfridges has installed a robot bartender from Makr Shakr. It will be located at the Smartech store on the lower ground floor and will be serving a wide variety of drinks to stressed-out shoppers.

Customers simply use Makr Shakr’s mobile app to order. They can pick from pre-made recipes or create their own. Cocktails will be made fresh and served in a reusable cup.

Robotic Bartender Crafts Drinks with Precision

Makr Shakr’s bartending system features robotic arms that craft drinks with milliliter precision. It also includes an ice machine, soda dispensers along with lemon and lime cutters.

The robot bartender can handle about 80 drinks per hour. Customers verify age by scanning their ID with the app and can pay with their smartphone. Of course, recipes, comments, and ratings can be shared on social media via Makr Shakr’s app.

Makr Shakr on Display at Selfridges Through February 2020

The robotic bartending system will be on display at Selfridges until February of 2020. Makr Shakr has teamed with Bacardi for the promotion and will serve spirits including Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, Bombay Sapphire gin, Patrón Silver Tequila, and Grey Goose vodka.

Makr Shakr’s robot bartender has also popped up in places like Las Vegas, Biloxi, and Milan along with a few cruise ships. The units are available for purchase or rent.

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