Miami High Rise is First in Nation to Use COVID Killing UV Robots

UV germ zapping robots have become an important tool in the fight against coronavirus. They’ve been seen disinfecting places like hotels, airports, and hospitals. Now they are making their way into high-rise residential buildings. 

The luxurious Paramount Miami Worldcenter is the first residential skyscraper in the United States to employ a COVID-killing robot. The LightStrike robots come from San Antonio based Xenex Disinfection Services. They use bursts of ultraviolet light to destroy the coronavirus and other pathogens. 

“We wanted to bring this technology here into Paramount, use it within our amenities, so our residents would feel that they have great security here in our building,” said Paramount Miami Worldcenter CEO Daniel Kodsi.

The LightStrike robots use intense germicidal UV light to disinfect rooms by quickly destroying microscopic bacteria and viruses that could be missed during the manual cleaning process. Operated by cleaning staff, the robot uses pulsed xenon (a noble gas) to create intense broad-spectrum UV light, unlike older technologies that use mercury bulbs (mercury is toxic) to create continuous, single spectrum UV light.

Lighstrike robots can sanitize an entire room in as little as twenty minutes. After they are done, a report on the cleaning is submitted to a cloud for easy access.

LightStrike Robots UV - YellRobot