Robot Tour Guide Will Take You Around Kyoto

Japan’s tourism industry is booming and Kyoto is one of it’s most popular destinations. They have everything from ancient palaces to world-class restaurants. According to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Kyoto has 17 recognized historic sites.

It’s also a big bustling city which could be quite overwhelming for some tourists. Sharp is looking to make sightseeing around Kyoto a bit easier by providing visitors with their own personal tour guide.

credit: Sharp

RoBoHon the Robot Tour Guide

This tour guide is always friendly and doesn’t take up much space. Meet RoBoHon, the small robot who will be taking you around Kyoto to it’s most popular sites. Sharp has teamed with taxi operator MK Co. and travel agency JTB Corp, to offer the tourism package which started September 22. The partnership was a response to the growing demand for sightseeing taxis in the city.

Powered by artificial intelligence, RoBoHon converses in English, Chinese and Japanese. He’ll answer all your questions about Kyoto whether you want to know about a historical palace or are just looking for a great local restaurant.

If telling you about Kyoto’s rich history wasn’t enough, the robot tour guide can even take pictures with his built-in camera, make phone calls or send emails.


Robot Tour Guide Kyoto - YellRobot
credit: JP/Sharp

Take RoBoHon With You

RoBoHon can also accompany you outside of the taxi while walking around the city. Standing only 8 inches and weighing under one pound, he’s pretty easy to carry. If you are feeling really lazy he can also walk beside you on his two legs.

The robot guided tours will start in front of the JR Kyoto Station and include destinations such as Shogunzuka Seiryu-den, Kiyomizu, and Nanzen-Ji temple. RoBoHun costs about $55 for a six-hour tour and will be available through March 31 of next year.


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