Korean Snow Removal Robot Helps Keep Buildings Clean

When you are a kid, snow’s great. School gets canceled, there are snowball fights and sleigh rides. It’s all about fun! When you are an adult… not so much as snow can be quite a nuisance.  One company is looking to make removal easier by way of robots.

Korean Startup Reset is developing autonomous snow removal and cleaning robots. They’ll automatically detect the snow and then quickly remove it. The robots are attached to whatever surfaces are in need of protection such as a building’s exterior, roof, or solar panels. Having quick efficient snow removal can help save structures from collapse in the event of a heavy storm.

The snow removal robot is made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum. The water and dust proof wipers use thermal sensors to detect the snow and can wipe in multiple directions. The robot features a high powered motor and can even be controlled from indoors if need be.

Snow Removal Robot Can Also Clean Dust

Along with snow, Reset’s robots can clean dust and pollutants stuck on surfaces thereby improving PV generation and preventing the breakage of solar modules and structural collapse. For instance, fine dust cleaning on solar panels can help generation efficiency by almost 20%.

Reset seems to be on the upswing as the company recently installed the fine dust cleaning robot at the Seoul World Cup Stadium to help keep solar panels clean. Along with opening two offices in Japan, the company will be sending snow cleaning robots to the US and ones to help clean sand to a few countries in the Middle East.

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