KFC Launches Robot Run, Contactless Restaurant in Moscow

Robots are helping to combat COVID-19 all around the globe. From checking temperatures in Korea to making deliveries in Michigan. Now they are helping to keep social distancing at a new fast-food restaurant in Russia.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is going high tech to fight coronavirus in Moscow. They’ve recently opened a new AI-powered, contactless KFC restaurant where customers and employees barely interact. Customers place an order by using a kiosk. After the food is cooked, a robotic hand places the order into a secure box in which the customer opens with a unique code. Customers can pay with credit cards or facial recognition after completing a registration process. According to a KFC representative, the company began building the new store before the outbreak of coronavirus.

For over two months, restaurants in Moscow have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently a few restrictions were lifted, permitting to customers to be served in open-air terrace. Moscow has had over 200,000 confirmed coronavirus cases with 3,597 deaths.

Credit: Bloomberg

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