Kerala Robot to Help Run Coronavirus Isolation Wards

Companies around the world are racing to develop new tech in the battle against COVID-19. None have been more active than Kochi-based startup Asimov Robotics.  They recently had two robots handing out sanitizer and giving information in Kerala. Now they have developed a robot that can work in hospitals

Called the KARMI-BOT, the robot is designed to be mainly used in isolation wards.  The autonomous three-wheel robot includes upper and lower trays that can carry things like food, medicine, and supplies. It also has the ability to disinfect any used items that come out of a quarantined area.

An onboard screen and speakers allow doctors and family members to interact with patients through video chatting. The robot features autonomous navigation but can also be controlled remotely if need be.

Kerala Robot Indian Isolation Wards Coronavirus - YellRobot

KARMI-BOT Can Free Up Hospital Staff

The main benefit of using something like the KARMI-BOT is that it helps keep medical workers safe by cutting down on human to human interaction. It also frees them up for other tasks and can help hospitals that are being overloaded with patients.

“It is impractical to deploy human-like robots in hospitals. This is why we are working on a cost-effective model which is very practical at this point,” Jayakrishnan T, CEO of Asimov Robotics

Asimov developed the robot over a span of 15 days with a team of seven people. The robot is still being tested and fine-tuned internally. The company, which is focused on initially deploying the robot in its local area, has already received interest from firms in the US and the Middle East. To meet the demand beyond its home state, the company realizes it needs to set up a production line and expand the facility.

“If spares are ready, we can make one robot per day with the current facility itself,” said Jayakrishnan.

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