Keep Your Floor Clean With These New Inventions

A dirty home speaks volumes, so does a clean home. The state of the floors of a home will go a long way in the perception of guests on if the house is clean or dirty. Asides people’s perception about a home, we must not neglect the fact that maintaining a clean floor is also a part of good hygiene that will play a role in ensuring the inhabitants of a house are healthy.

It is great to know that people do not have to stress about cleaning floors in recent years as robotics such as BotvacD3 and other inventions have changed what cleaning used to be. The BotvacD3 review is highly enlightening.

For your awareness on these inventions, we have listed a couple of them in this article.

Here They Are:

Cockroach Swatter Slippers

This invention is especially great for those who want to maintain a clean floor, but still have a couple of cockroaches messing around with their floor’s integrity. In a case as this, the best thing would be to put on slippers that would kill such cockroaches or any other small insect. It is a proven invention that offers the best way to kill cockroaches, yet stay as germ-free as possible.

Baby Mop

This is a great but very funny invention. It is an invention that places a demand on babies to work. Babies are commonly known for getting the floor dirty, but you can change that by using a baby mop. This is because a baby mop allows the baby to do the opposite of what a baby would usually do (i.e. the baby cleans the floor as opposed to getting it dirty).

Baby mops are usually incorporated with a baby’s clothing and the baby will just be allowed to play over a part of the floor (tiles or hard wood) that needs some cleaning. Cleaning might be a lot of work for a nursing mother who has to do other things around the house and also works. However, with this new invention, the stress is lessened and your floors would still be kept clean.

Vacuum Ball

The vacuum ball also commonly called a dust ball is built to roll on the floor of your home. Since it is propelled by an internal motor, its center of gravity only needs to shift for the ball to move. As it moves on the floor, it sucks up all dirt. Once its battery gets low, the vacuum ball rolls back (on its own accord) to the charging hoop. If its container is full, the ball stops and glows.  However, because of its big size, the vacuum ball has a hard time making the edges of the floor (those areas close to the wall) clean.

Cleaner Shoes

This is great for those who love to see their floors clean, but hate the idea of house chores or having to clean their floors themselves. These shoes make the work of cleaning a whole lot easier. The shoes have small built-in floor sweepers and by merely wearing them around the house, you’ll have a very clean floor. The little brushes incorporated into the shoes simply sweep up the floor as you move around. The shoes also have in-built rechargeable batteries which are responsible for powering the brushes. The LED display on its side also tells you the content of the shoes per time, so you know how much progress has been made.

Final Thoughts

The world is evolving day by day and it is so exciting that there is a literally a non-stop to the way technology keeps making lives easy. These innovations leave you with no excuse to leave your floor dirty. 

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