Irish Company Akara Robotics Developing Virus Killing Robot

In the battle against COVID-19, companies around the globe are rushing to get new technology to market. One Irish start-up began work on their robot a few weeks ago and almost has it ready for use in hospitals.

Meet Robot Violet. Developed by Akara Robotics, it uses ultraviolet light to kill viruses, germs, and bacteria. According to the company, the robot can clean a room more effectively than chemical products and in a much shorter amount of time. It also has the ability to disinfect high-tech equipment that cannot be sanitized using deep chemicals.

Robot Violet uses ultraviolet light to break down a microorganism’s DNA and stop it from replicating. This helps make sure all areas are properly disinfected. Because ultraviolet light can damage skin and eyes, the robot uses AI to shut itself down if a human gets in front.

“This system could reduce dependency on the use of chemical-based solutions, which may be effective but requires rooms to be vacated for several hours during sterilization, making them impractical for many parts of the hospital,” said Dr. Conor McGinn, inventor of the robot.

Robot Violet Testing This Week

Dr. Conor McGinn contacted Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) and told them that the robot could be a valuable tool in the country’s fight against the coronavirus. Officials were interested but first wanted proof that the robot was effective at killing viruses and bugs.

Robot Violet was tested last week in a Dublin hospital. The company is awaiting microbiological test results to see how well the robot performed. Akara Robotics, which employs seven people, could make 50 robots in the near future with the first ready as early as next week. 

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