Insurance Company Using AI to Determine Fault in Car Accidents

Most of us at some point have been in a car accident with another driver. Sometimes one or both of the parties involved may have different stories of who was at fault. This leaves the insurers to try to figure things out when processing the claims. One company is looking to use artificial intelligence to determine what really did happen during the collision.

AI Will Analyze Dash Cam Data and GPS to Asses Car Accident

Tokyo-based Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance will use AI to analyze dash cam data and GPS information in order to properly asses a claim. The info will use this information to reproduce the accident taking into account road conditions and vehicle speed. The AI will also look at data on past accidents to compute each parties possible fault percentage. So if one person has been in multiple accidents the system will give them a higher probability of being at fault.

AI Will Help Insurers Process Claims Quicker

Because it takes out the on-site investigation and negotiations between both parties, the AI system will also allow the insurance company to process claims and payouts much quicker. Normally it takes about two months. The new system will cut down the process to one to two weeks.

To create the new AI system, the insurance company teamed with Yokohama based image analysis specialist Genext. The program will be launched early this year to cover about 100,00 vehicles in which drivers have installed dash cam recorders.

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