Google Files Patent for AI Infant Monitoring

Google has recently filed a patent for intelligent infant monitoring using AI. The technology would track a baby’s eyes, sounds and movement utilizing “intelligent” video and audio. If anything seems out of the ordinary, a cloud-based system will alert parents on a device such as a smartphone or google home. 

For instance, if a baby is tossing and turning, it could mean distress or indicate that the child is too hot or cold. Using an alert from the AI, the parent can quickly address the situation.  According to the patent, Google says it could use an HD video monitor and its AI engines to determine if a baby was in a “non-auditory discomfort” state.

Google AI Infant Monitoring - YellRobot
credit: Google

Infant AI Analyzes Pupils to Tell If Baby is Awake

The AI would also be able to tell if the baby was stationary or moving around. It could identify if the baby was standing, sitting, lying down, crawling, walking or climbing. This could alert parents if it has fallen or is getting into something it shouldn’t be.

The patent also mentions an “eye state analysis” which determines whether the baby is awake or asleep by analyzing eye pupils, whites of the eye, and irises.  This could help parents better track sleep patterns and make sure it’s getting the rest it needs.

This is just a patent application so AI infant monitoring is probably a ways off but it does seem promising. Having something like this could be quite valuable for parents and caregivers in better monitoring infants.

Source: CNBC

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