Gita the Shopping Robot Follows and Helps You Carry Stuff

So you want to go shopping but really aren’t able to lug around all those things you need to buy. For those that are elderly or disabled, they may have to wait around for someone to accompany them to the store. One company, famous for the Vespa, is offering up a solution.

Meet Gita. It’s a little robot that will follow you around, helping to carry items whether you are at the grocery store or the mall. It comes from the Italian motor vehicle manufacturer Piaggio Group. Gita, whose name means “short trip” in Italian, utilizes five cameras to make sure it goes wherever you do.  

Shopping Robot Offers Simplicity

The true beauty of the robot is its simplicity. No programming or confusing manuals.

You simply press one button to power it on. You press another to have Gita scan your legs which helps the bot keep track of your movements. It’s then ready to go shopping.

Gita can go up to speeds of 6 mph and is able to carry about 40 pounds. The battery lasts 4 hours before it needs to be recharged. It communicates via sound and lights, letting you know if it’s full or simply needs a charge.

Gita Shopping Robot - YellRobot

Gita Includes Speaker and Phone Charger

The robot isn’t just about carrying stuff.  It includes a speaker which can play music and even a place to charge your phone. If you are in need of a break, an app allows you to tell Gita to follow someone else.

“It’s the first robot that you ‘drive’ by doing something that you have been doing since you were a toddler … walking. No little screen to distract you from the world, no joystick, no need to pore over a hefty technical manual, no need to issue voice commands.” said Jeffrey Schnapp, co-founder of Piaggio Fast Forward.

The robot does seem to have some limitations, as it isn’t able to take pictures or video. It’s designed for hard surfaces so you can’t take Gita to the beach. You might also want to be careful shopping in the rain as it’s compartment isn’t watertight. The 50-pound robot cannot go up or down steps but can traverse slopes up to 16 degrees.

Gita Shopping Robot - YellRobot

Gita Will Cost $3,250

Limitations aside, Gita’s simplicity could be perfect for someone who may be technology challenged or have limited mobility. They just press a few buttons and they have a bit of extra help when going to the store.

Gita will be available for purchase on November 18. As far as pricing goes, the shopping robot will go for a hefty $3,250. You can find out more at

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