FlyView Notre Dame VR Experience Shows Before and After Fire

In April of 2019, the Notre Dame in Paris was badly damaged in a horrific fire. Work is still underway to attempt to restore the medieval cathedral to its former glory. Currently, there are restrictions for visiting as tourists are not allowed to go inside. One company is providing another way to see the famous attraction in the form of Virtual Reality.

A new 360 VR film from FlyView is allowing people to experience the Notre Dame Cathedral before and after the fire. It’s called Rebuilding Notre-Dame and it was created by immersive media company Targo.

The VR experience recounts the history of the gothic cathedral by showing an in-depth look at its walls, statues, and bells. It will also show hidden areas and unique vies. The film features rector Patrick Chauvet who provides insight into the famous building and its meaning. 

Notre Dame VR Film Shows Bird’s Eye View

The film then shifts to the devastating fire and its aftermath.  It includes drone images of the cathedral’s blazing fire, of crowds of shocked onlookers and of firemen struggling to extinguish the flames. Chauvet, General Jean-Louis Georgelin, who is charge of the cathedral’s reconstruction, and Paris’s mayor Anne Hidalgo are also interviewed. The city of Paris provided the drone imagery of the fire while the rest of the footage was filmed by Targo.

“After the Notre-Dame fire, they [Rochereuil and Agulhon] realised that there was a whole different story to tell [following their documentary on Chauvet]: Notre-Dame before and after the fire,” said Arnaud Houette, FlyView’s director. “We want people to have the impression of being inside Notre Dame and feel the strong emotion everyone felt last year.”

FlyView, which is located near the opera house Palais Garnier, has had more than 10,000 visitors since the film was launched. They are donating some of the proceeds from ticket sales towards Notre Dame’s reconstruction.

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