Coffee Drone May Predict When You Need Your Java

Without the life force known as coffee, many of us are just zombies. Although there seems to be a Starbucks or Dunkin on every corner, we aren’t always able to get that cup of coffee exactly when we need it. Wouldn’t it be great if a cup of coffee could magically appear the very second our little heart desires?

Coffee Drone

Well, your prayers to the coffee gods may have finally been answered. CNBC is reporting that the good people at IBM recently filed a patent for a drone that will deliver coffee to you.

This is no ordinary coffee drone. Equipped with cameras and sensors, it can recognize faces and voices to make sure the right person gets their coffee. The patent mentions that you will also be able to summon a cup of coffee with a simple hand gesture if the drone is nearby.

Flying Coffee Drone - YellRobot

Drone Predicts When You Want Coffee

If that wasn’t enough, the drone will even know when you want coffee before you do. That’s right it will predict when you want coffee and automatically bring it to you.

It looks at data from a fitness device like a Fitbit or Apple watch to see how good you slept, when exactly you woke up and times you normally drink coffee. It will also take into account your blood pressure, pupil dilation, and even your facial expressions.

Drone May Not Let You Have Coffee Depending on Your Medications

The drone also knows when it’s not healthy for you to have coffee. Maybe you took a certain type of medication that doesn’t interact well with coffee. The coffee drone could cross-reference medications and know not to serve a person on that day.

Ok, we know what you are thinking. A drone flying around with hot coffee might not be the safest idea. The patent also mentions an idea of putting the coffee in a sealed plastic bag in case a strong gust of wind comes along.

Flying Coffee Drone - YellRobot

Flying Beer

According to CNBC, this drone technology is not just about serving coffee. It could also be bringing or not bringing you a beer at the local bar. This could help bars avoid serving people who are underage or already heavily intoxicated.

It will look for signs like drooping eyelids, slurred speech, or reduced motor skills. If the drone notices these signs, it will simply ignore the request for more alcohol.

Do We Really Need Our Coffee Delivered By Drone?

Unfortunately, you won’t have a drone delivering your morning coffee(or beer) anytime soon as its still deep in the testing phase but the technology is promising. Coffee giants like Starbucks and the UK’s Costa are always trying to innovate to make their brands stand out so they would be crazy not to be placing calls to IBM once the tech is farther along.

Is this tech overkill? Probably. Most of us are fine just grabbing coffee at our local place and being on our way. But something like this could be useful in certain places. Perhaps you are out at the beach and don’t feel like walking a half mile to grab your coffee. Or it might be helpful for a senior citizen or someone who is disabled. Anyways, we’ll be reporting on donut drones in a future article on YellRobot.

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