Flippy the Burger Making Robot Coming to White Castle

We’ve reported a lot on Flippy. The burger making robot from Pasadena, Calif.-based Miso Robotics has been popping up all around the world. They have been seen in mostly small chains and experimental restaurants. Now it looks like Flippy is prepping to go national. 

White Castle is going to be testing the burger flipping robot at one of their restaurants in the Chicago area. According to the company, it’s a trial run to possibly bring Flippy to White Castle’s across the country.

Flippy is pretty impressive with his ability to work both a grill and a fryer. The robot can change its own spatula and even clean the griddle when needed. The automated process makes sure the food gets cooked to precision every time.

Flippy the Burger Making Robot Can Recognize Different Items

Flippy will recognize different items and monitor them appropriately as they cook. An onboard camera captures thousands of images of the burger, which is cooked for about 60 seconds on one side and 120 seconds on the other. Laser sensors allow Flippy to work safely with human workers nearby. Flippy includes 3D and thermal scanners for eyes and a cloud-connected Miso AI for a brain.

Machine learning allows Flippy to acquire new skills over time. He can also be monitored and be updated over a cloud. Orders are received in real-time thanks to an onboard POS system.

Credit: The Robot Report

White Castle Will Have Flippy Running by September

White Castle plans to integrate Flippy with the point of sale system so that the robot can begin preparation as soon as an order is taken at the register.

“It’s going to save us money in food costs because there will be less waste,” said White Castle’s vice president of shareholder relations, Jamie Richardson.  “The other savings will be in terms of output… that’s going to be helpful.. If you maintain speed of service that’s getting a little bit better and a little better you do see more visits… that’s where we see it having the biggest impact… we’re not looking at this as a way to reduce people power.” 

Flippy the Robot can serve another purpose in the age of COVID-19 by helping to reduce contact between humans and also with food during the cooking process. Something like a burger making robot can also help restaurants cut costs, many of which are struggling to stay open during the pandemic. White Castle plans to have the first robot online by September.

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