Ebo Robot Can Recognize and Entertain Your Cat

Everyone seems to have their own robot these days. Now your cat is getting into the act.

Meet Ebo. Developed by Shenzhen-based start-up Enabot, the ball-shaped robot is designed to entertain and keep your pet company. Ebo features a high-definition camera and speaker that allows you to monitor and interact with your pet while away from home.

By using the app, you can take photos and videos remotely. The robot features AI which can recognize your cat’s face and follow them if need be. Ebo can also detect the pet’s mood and adapt behavior accordingly.

Ebo Robot Uses Sensors to Follow Your Cat

Ebo has wheels and can roll around the floor on its own. Built-in sensors help it to avoid obstacles while moving around with the animal. When in need of a charge, Ebo automatically goes to its dock. It also features a laser light to play with your cat.

“I was able to talk and interact with my cat in real-time [while I was traveling]. My cat loves the laser teasing function … and I was able to play with Tuantuan very one or two hours,” said Sophia Qiao who bought Ebo for her cat.

As far as pricing goes, Ebo costs about $255 US. The small startup launched the pet companion robot at the end of last year. They’ve already sold a few thousand to 60 countries around the world.  The company has recently opened online shops on Alibaba’s Tmall and Taobao marketplaces and launched the pro version of Ebo in August during the Taobao Maker Festival, an annual event organized by Alibaba to promote the country’s young entrepreneurs, emerging brands and idea creators. 

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