Dubai Using AI and Facial Recognition to Measure Citizen Happiness

  • Dubai is using facial recognition and artificial intelligence to measure customer moods while they are at Happiness Centers.
  • The smart cameras can analyze faces up to 23 feet away.
  • Employees receive an alert if a customer’s happiness falls below a certain level.

Well, I guess you learn something new every day. Apparently, Dubai has Customer Happiness Centers. We assume they are there to make sure citizens don’t throw fits while attempting to use government services. Well, the country really wants to make sure customers are happy and they are using facial recognition to do it.

At four Road and Transit Authority (RTA) Customer Happiness Centers, smart cameras are being installed to make sure those places live up to their name. The cameras use artificial intelligence and facial recognition to measure customer moods while they are at the centers. The RTA’s Customer Happiness Centers provide services such as registering vehicles and issuing driver’s licenses.

“The initiative aims to measure happiness through smart cameras that analyze customer satisfaction and analyze customer expressions without storing them for privacy. After completing their transactions in the service centers, and then measuring the level of happiness immediately and accurately, which helps to provide reports on the experience of customers, and therefore decision-makers can take the necessary measures to improve the service on a continuous basis, has been implemented in four centers of happiness,” said Maher Shireh, Director of Smart Services at TASI.

Facial Recognition at Dubai Customer Happiness Centers

The AI keeps track of a customer’s happiness from when they enter until they walk out the doors. If a customer’s happiness drops below a certain level, a notification will be sent to RTA employees to see if they can remedy the situation.

All information is sent to a real-time dashboard and the software compiles daily reports to make sure Happiness Centers are doing all they can to satisfy citizens. The cameras record at 30 frames per second and can pick up faces at a range up to about 23 feet. They are connected via both Bluetooth and WiFi.

The cameras are currently at Happiness Centers in Al Barsha, Umm Rumwal, Deira and Al Awee. No word if the program will be expanded into other government facilities.


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