Delta Using Facial Recognition at Biometric Terminal in Atlanta

Sick of constantly taking out your passport when traveling through the airport? If you’re flying international out of Atlanta, you’ll soon be able to just use your face.

Delta Facial Recognition - YellRobot
credit: Delta

Delta to Launch First Biometric Terminal in the U.S.

Delta plans to use facial recognition technology to get you through airport checkpoints quicker. They’ve teamed with the TSA and U.S. Customs to bring America’s first biometric terminal to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Delta’s Terminal F will use the facial recognition technology at self-service kiosks, luggage drops, TSA checkpoints, and flight boarding areas.

The process is simple. Travelers will check in normally online or at the airport. At each checkpoint, they will look at a screen or camera which then verifies their identity. Once verified, a green check flashes on the screen and the customer goes through.

While customers won’t have to constantly take out their passport, Delta advises they should still bring the document for the remainder of the trip.

International travelers entering the U.S. will be able to use the technology when they arrive at Customs and Border Protection.

credit: Delta

Facial Recognition Saving Time For Delta’s Customers

Delta feels the tech will save time and cut down on the chaos at the airport. It will also free up their employees to have more meaningful interactions with customers.

The Delta Biometrics service is completely optional so if customers don’t wish to participate they just proceed normally through the airport.

The service launching later this year will also be available for those flying partner airlines including Aeromexico, Air France-KLM, and Virgin Atlantic Airways. If successful Delta plans to use the technology at more airports around the globe.

“Launching the first biometric terminal in the U.S. at the world’s busiest airport means we’re bringing the future of flying to customers traveling around the globe,” said Gil West, Delta’s COO. “Customers have an expectation that experiences along their journey are easy and happen seamlessly — that’s what we’re aiming for by launching this technology across airport touch points.”



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