DeliRo Robots are Delivering Soba Noodles in Tokyo

If you happen to be walking around downtown Tokyo and want noodles delivered immediately you may be in luck.  

DeliRo delivery robots are being trialed at the new Takanawa Gateway Fest train station. They’ll be delivering soba noodles from a restaurant in the area. The robots come from Japanese tech company ZMP Inc. and will be testing from Aug. 12 to 16.

“We want to explore what kinds of autonomous delivery services are possible and what the DeliRo can offer at a time when new lifestyles are called for amid the coronavirus outbreak,” a ZMP official said.

Customers simply order using an app. The noodle shop gets a notification and DeliRo is soon on its way. When the robot arrives, the customer scans a QR code with their smartphone to receive the noodles.

Deliro Delivery Robots Tokyo Noodles - YellRobot

DeliRo Robots Can Carry Over 100 pounds

DeliRo stands a little over 3 feet and travels at a maximum speed of 4 mph. The cartoonish looking robot can carry over 100 lbs as it navigates the streets using advanced driving technology. Onboard 360 degree cameras and laser sensors help DeliRo avoid anything that may get in its way.

It can work for about 12 hours before needing to be recharged. Monitoring of the bot can be done via Wifi or a cellular network.

The robot just isn’t about delivering noodles. ZMP Inc. feels DeliRo could also be especially useful in the age of social distancing delivering things like medicine, packages, and groceries. 

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