UV Robots Help Keep Singapore Mall Open During Pandemic

The Northpoint City Mall in the Yishun area of Northern Singapore was identified as a COVID-19 cluster by the country’s Ministry of Health. The mall, which is owned by Frasers Property, has not closed but is implementing safety measures such as social distancing, temperature screening for all shoppers, and frequent disinfecting and cleaning. Northpoint City is also using another weapon to fight the virus in the form of UV robots.

Sunburst autonomous mobile robots (AMRS) will be deployed to the Northpoint City Mall next month. They come from Singapore based PBA Group and the mall hopes by automating the disinfection process, human workers will be freed up for other tasks. 

“The deployment of the AMRs at our malls will enable us to step up our efforts to protect the communities we operate in and relieve the manpower resources on labour-intensive cleaning tasks.”said Low Chee Wah, CEO of Frasers Property. 

Singapore UV Robots Mall COVID 19 -YellRobot

Singapore UV Robots Can Destroy Viruses

The AMRs emit UV-C which help destroy viruses like COVID-19. Using data from cameras, built-in sensors and software, the robots can detect, navigate and adapt to changes in their environments, as well as map out and identify the most efficient routes to clean the mall. Northpoint City will be the first mall in the country to use this local technology..

“We are proud to be working with Frasers Property and this will help us to achieve our goals in combatting the virus by rolling out the Sunburst UV Bots to shopping malls first, before moving into other sectors islandwide,” said Derrick Yap, Chief Executive Officer of PBA Group.

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